IMG_0508THE JEWELS OF CARLA C at the Antiquus Gallery Dorso Duro 873/a  Accademia Venice,Italy.

This charming shop is located close to the Accademia Gallery and a short distance away from  the Peggy Guggenheim Collection.
Antiquus has a beautiful collection of Old Master paintings, important silver pieces, vintage jewellery, including the famous Moors’ head brooches and earrings. Antiquus also has a permanent exhibition of jewellery by Carla C.

Carla Piccoli Cagnato received a degree in Architecture from the University of Venice where she specialised in art. Carla also taught sculpture in Venice’s secondary schools for many years. In 1968 she began  to reveal an impressive talent for making silver jewels. In 1994 she started to design jewellery for Antiquus Gallery in Venice under the name of “Carla C.” Carla’s originality soon  emerged, and led to the creation of some extraordinary pieces.

Always luxurious, Carla C evokes the spirit of today’s woman with captivating designs. Her dramatic interplay of colours and technical innovations inspire the wearer to new heights of style.
Carla C creations are  powerful combinations of tradition and originality where the pursuit of harmony and perfection is a constant. Her works weave elements of Venice’s past  into bold, contemporary design. Designer Carla C trademark is precisely this fusion of past and present.

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